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What is copper sulfate? What are some products that contain copper sulfate? How does copper sulfate work? How might I be exposed to copper sulfate?

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Copper(II) sulfate, also known as cupric sulfate, copper sulfate, blue vitriol, or bluestone, is a chemical compound.Its chemical formula is CuSO 4.It contains copper in its +2 oxidation state.It also contains sulfate ions.It is a blue solid that can kill fungi. It is also used to purify copper metal.

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Copper Sulfate Use. You can buy copper sulfate crystals at most garden supply centers and many drug stores. Pour 1/2 cup of crystals into your toilet and repeatedly flush it until all they are gone.

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Copper sulfate, also known as 'blue stone' or 'blue vitriol', is a chemical compound that is used in a wide range of industries. The basic chemical formula of blue vitriol is 'CuSO 4 ', but the salt exists as a series of different compounds, depending on the degree of hydration. 'Chalcocite', the anhydrous form of copper sulfate, occurs as a rare mineral and exists as a pale green or grayish ...

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Apr 24, 2017· Copper sulfate is a chemical compound with the formula CuSO4 and can be made in a chemistry laboratory by reacting copper oxide with sulphuric acid. Copper sulfate has many uses, from a fungicide and herbicide in agriculture, to creating the vivid blue colors in fireworks or for use in copper plating. Copper sulfate ...

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Copper has been emphasized as an element that's needed to support proper health, since the body uses it for bone growth, nerve conduction, hormone secretion and more. 1 The European Copper Institute notes that it may promote positive impacts to the blood vessels, heart and immune system, and that a deficiency may actually lead to different health problems. 2

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Copper(II) sulfate, also known as copper sulphate, are the inorganic compounds with the chemical formula Cu SO 4 (H 2 O) x, where x can range from 0 to 5.The pentahydrate (x = 5) is the most common form. Older names for this compound include blue vitriol, bluestone, vitriol of copper, and Roman vitriol.

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Mar 29, 2019· Copper sulfate is usually encountered as a blue liquid solution, or in blue crystalline form, and is often used in chemistry classes because it is relatively simple to make, and it can be used to demonstrate many interesting reactions, and grow beautiful blue crystals.

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Uses of Copper Compounds: Copper Sulphate. Copper sulphate, blue stone, blue vitriol are all common names for pentahydrated cupric sulphate, Cu S04 5 H20, which is the best known and the most widely used of the copper salts.

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Copper Sulfate Crystals Inorganic compound and a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in a powder form or as a crystal. Copper is a necessary mineral that can be used as a pesticide to kill bacteria, plants, fungi, and pests.

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Copper Sulfate is the most used, and the most economical algae control available for ponds and lakes. By Platinum Ponds • February 13, 2017 • 5 minute read

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This salt exists as a series of compounds that differ in their degree of hydration. The anhydrous form is a pale green or gray-white powder, whereas the pentahydrate, the most commonly encountered salt,

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Copper sulfate can be used as a fertilizer or fungicide. It is commonly used by gardeners and commercial farmers to prevent problems with fungus or mold. The effects of copper sulfate on plants ...

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Of the many substances found in nature, few are as versatile as Copper Sulfate. An inorganic compound derived from the combination of Copper and Sulfur, Copper Sulfate takes the form of a bright blue salt. Due to its vivid color, it also goes by the names Cupric Sulfate, Copper Sulfite, chalcanthite, blue …

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Copper(II) sulfate Revision Date 23-Jan-2018 CERCLA This material, as supplied, contains one or more substances regulated as a hazardous substance under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) (40 CFR 302) Component Hazardous Substances RQs CERCLA EHS RQs Cupric sulfate 10 lb - California Proposition 65 This product does not contain any …

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Copper;sulfate | CuO4S-2 | CID 23615453 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities ...

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Copper sulfate is harmful if swallowed and can irritate skin and mucous membranes. In case of contact, rinse skin with water. If swallowed, give water and call a physician.

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Copper sulfate pentahydrate (also known as copper sulphate pentahydrate or simply copper sulfate or copper sulphate) is the chemical used to grow bright blue copper sulfate crystals.It's easy to find online, but there are shipping restrictions to some locations, plus the weight of the chemical typically makes shipping comparable to the price of the chemical.

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Sep 07, 2018· Copper sulfate is a common, inexpensive herbicide and algaecide with a number of applications. If you find your sewer line slowed by invasive tree growth, a copper sulfate root treatment can be used to clear the line. Some precautions must be taken to apply the copper sulfate …

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Uses of Copper Compounds: Copper Sulphate's Role in Agriculture. Copper sulphate has many agricultural uses (see Table A) but the following are the more important ones:. Preparation of Bordeaux and Burgundy mixtures on the farm

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For Foot Bath, Copper Sulfate can be used in a 5% to 10% solution (by weight) with immersion 3 or 4 times per week or for a period of time as prescribed by your veterinarian.

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Copper sulfate is an inorganic aggravate that consolidates sulfur with copper. It can be found in the earth, sustenances, and water.

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Do you have algae problems? Are your sewer pipes clogged? Your toilet flush doesn't work? Does your beautiful pond/pool look disgusting and full of algae? Or are you just looking for a cool science project for your children? We have the perfect solution for you. You could always use …

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Copper sulfate, otherwise known as bluestone, is sometimes used in swimming pools as an algaecide. The American Journal of Public Health recommends using copper sulfate in swimming pools only as a method to control growth of algae; therefore it should not be used as part of …

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Learn about Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate for animal usage including: active ingredients, directions for use, precautions, and storage information.

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Apr 24, 2017· Copper sulfate is an ionic compound composed of copper, sulfur, and oxygen. It is a widely used, very versatile molecule. The fiber industry uses it for creating synthetic fibers. In the metal industry copper sulfate is used in copper refining. It is also utilized in the mining industry, as well as in the printing and ...

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Cupric sulfate is a salt created by treating cupric oxide with sulfuric acid.This forms as large, bright blue crystals containing five molecules of water (CuSO4∙5H2O) and is also known as _blue vitriol_. The anhydrous salt is created by heating the hydrate to 150 °C (300 °F). Cupric sulfate is used primarily for agricultural purposes, as a pesticide, germicide, feed additive, and soil ...